dimanche 27 avril 2008


I'ma post here all the links i found for your requests.

lords of the underground-tic toc - 1994 12"

intelligent hoodlum-street life - 1993 12"

niyabingy - make it hot

mr. d.original-now u da man / 5 feet deep-1995 12"

raw division-language of the drumz-1995 12"

flowmastaz click-dirty money-1999 12"

hollow point-last days (3 chapters)-1997 EP

nigo ft.biz markie-something for the people (dj krush rmx)-2000 12"

nigo ft. gza & prodigal sunn - k.f.f. 2000-2000 12''

masta ace-so now u a mc-2000 12"

shamus-big willie style-1995 12"

12 commentaires:

Kemar a dit…

Wow, thank you !

Brakkbacda a dit…

no probs !

marco a dit…

cheers mang.

knowledge a dit…

Props for these joints, hope in time, you will maybe find Musical Essence. You ever heard it ?



DJ Kwestionmark a dit…

yeah! thanks brakk
youre my man!!!

DJ Kwestionmark a dit…

yo brakk, i have another request... :-)

dj babu & the beatnuts - duck season 12" (with instrumental)

thanks in advance

Chile con Juevo a dit…

Nice shit!!

I've seen more than a few people ask for that Street Life 12".

Gracias for that.

ILLustrious a dit…

daaaaaaaaaaaamn! you are the man dude! thanks so much for those jihad records joints! cant wait to get that masta ace post goin...
thanks again brakk, one love

apani a dit…

Thanks for these bangers!

Anonyme a dit…

Youe a dit:

Merci pour le Shamus!
t'as assuré :-)

el jeffro a dit…

Maybe someone on this knowledgeable blog can help me - i really need a decent quality copy of "The Funkmode" by Large Professor featuring Havoc...There are versions out there but no really clean sounding copies!

If anyone has a copy to share or knows where i can get a copy of this I would be eternally grateful!!!!

beatjunkie299 a dit…

Nice collection, thanks for sharing.