jeudi 22 janvier 2009


This is the first 12" released by the indie duo, Eddie Meeks and Thareeko. Meeks and Thareeko come outta Atlana and they started their own label, Asylum Entertainment, in '95. By 1997 they released this 12". On this 12" you will find the tracks, Larger Than Life on the A, and Gunclappin and Pistolwhippin on the flip. The cuts on this 12" are the original versions of each track and are not featured on the Larger Than Life EP . Meeks and Thareeko did their own productions for this record along with the whole 3P Productions crew. A year after this 12" was released Meeks and Thareeko dropped the Larger Than Life EP on Serious Ent. They released 2 other independent records in 2000 (Da Unfold EP and Art Varies From Head To Head VLS). Meeks and Thareeko also head the group, Prophetix. They released two 12"s on Asylum Ent, (True Urban Grit in 2001 and High Risk in 2003). The most recent Meeks and Thareeko material I'm familiar with is Eddie Meeks first solo LP, After This I'll Holla, released in 2005 on Asylum Ent. I don't really dig any of the work they did after their first EP but it does show that these guys are dedicated and are still out there doin' their thing. So check out the tracks on this 12" and leave your thoughts in da comments! Peace


6 commentaires:

Brakkbacda a dit…

dope one byl. "large than life" is the hit. thanks for the infos. +++

Anonyme a dit…

i second that. dope one. thanks for the info. i only knew the 2001 ep. i like both versions of "larger than life" so far. thanks byl. peace.

Apani a dit…

I heard the larger than life before. Dope! Thanks for this!

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