vendredi 8 octobre 2010

Square Lohkoh - Monsanto OGM (2010)

Monsanto destroys our planet with their fruit and vegetables!!! Come to discover their history and how they pollute our body

mercredi 23 juin 2010


lundi 11 janvier 2010


A new radio is created since yesterday, called TFC Radio. TFC means The French Connection, which is a blogspot & a forum i made.

Check out the radio here : TFC RADIO
24/24 7/7 Rap US/French Rap & other, Midschool, Oldschool, underground, indies ... This one is made only by purists, midschool era lovas, so don't sleep ...

Reminder :

TFC RADIO (Rap US/FR Non stop)
TFC FORUM (Downloads & Discussions board, Rap FR/US)
TFC BLOGSPOT (Some links to the ol' french rap joints, indies, classics & undergrounds)

dimanche 19 juillet 2009

DJ Venum - Diggin' In The Underground Vol 3 Selected by Black Stars & Mixed by Venum - 2009 [Mixtape]

Part 1 : Boom Bap

01 Ubad - The Lagacy
02 The Inviseez - Gotta Be Real
03 Raw Breed - Hit 'Em Wit a Pie
04 Kirk - Catch The Beat
05 Poizon Posse - This Is It Y'all
06 Now Born Click - Now Born Soldier
07 The Wascals - Hard Rhymes
08 The Grimm Reaper - So Watcha Want
09 Intelligent Hoodlum - At large
10 Flavor Unit Mc's - Roll With Da Flavor

Part 2 : Hip-Hop

01 Herb Mc Gruff - I Keep My Palm On The Handle
02 Shabazz the Disciple - Crime Saga (Original Version)
03 Street Poets - Out Ta Flip
04 E-Life - Stacked With Honors
05 Roller Rocker & Precize - Heat Wavez
06 Constantine - Shapshifter
07 Paw Dukes - Amazin
08 Call O' Da Wild - Clouds Of Smoke
09 Allah Be Universal - Indecent Exposure
10 Bomm Sheltuh - Welcome To The Bomm Bunkuh

Download Link :

mercredi 3 juin 2009


Here is the first mix of a series which promises to be very interesting. Mattnyce -you may know this man from slsk- is a DJ from New Orleans livin' in Texas. Turntablist, mixer, he's also a great vinyl's digger. So check out this first strike, you will definitively like the mix of the rare joints circa from 91' to 97' punctuate by some dope cuts ... Enjoy !!!

Tracklist :

01 - dj mattnyce intro
02 - trendz of culture ft.method & treach - who got my back (remix)
03 - prince raheim - cop one (dj mattnyce remix)
04 - da nabahood threat - the unknown
05 - juice - unrational
06 - the hoodz - pull out your gats
07 - mad drauma - flip personality
08 - urban species - listen (kenny dope remix)
09 - trilogy - good times
10 - brothaz uv da blackmarket - collete da pet
11 - johnny p - bike back (hip hop remix)
12 - flava rap productions - you're falling
13 - threat - now you know
14 - spirit - ice (dj mattnyce remix)
15 - black sheep - the choice is yours (dj mattnyce remix)
16 - 3 man riot - product of the world gone mad
17 - example - the strive (dj mattnyce beats remix)
18 - da wrezarektaz - the $$$
19 - raw approach - wrong nek of da woodz
20 - budahedz - rapwacks
21 - misfits of madness - peace the hell out
22 - black a.g. - dont let fame go to your head
23 - raw material - teen scream
24 - funkmaster flex & nine double m - f.a.l.l.e.n.
25 - legion of doom - no more music
26 - renaissance of chaos - check out my vocals
27 - poetic menace - takin no shorts
28 - dj mattnyce outro


Support the artist! :

dimanche 10 mai 2009


Here's a real deep indie by Handz, a Newark, N.J. native. This record is the first release on the dope independent label Creative Brothers Inc. A year after this record was made the Creative Brothers released and produced a second record. That record is by S.A.L and features the tracks Stressin and Here Comes Tha-2. I believe that the b-side track, Here Comes Tha-2, features Handz but under the name Reek Handz. The Creative Brothers are also responsible for the release of the ridiculously dope 12" by The Legendary Villian. The last effort from the Creative Brothers fam was the 108 Dragons EP witch was released in '98. That EP was repressed in '99 on Echo International but leaves out the track Grimlock and features a remix of We Can Get Together. All the Creative Brothers material is definatly worth checking out. This 12" here and The Legendary Villian 12" are my favorites. Both the cuts on this 12" are really dope but I favor The Cure. Check out the sounds and leave some comments. Peace!


mercredi 4 février 2009


After "the underground orgasm" (2005) and "the underground level" (2006), here's the third chapter of the saga ... Enjoy !

Tracklist :

01-forcer the sorcerer-the beginning
02-mental dimension-verbal format
03-ghettolandz-getcha open
04-mighty joseph-nyc kidz
06-joe sinister-da rewind
07-black mel-vibin' along
08-afiliashun-tell me if you open
09-jam dot-soul search'n
10-kae'daq-corpse perfume ayanami [remix]
11-dolomight - 1,2,3
12-p.s.p. -representing your ground
13-basement society-headcrack
14-ran reed-so whatcha want
15-wise fool-divine wisdom
16-red 1 a.c.c. -my people
17-d.vine and lewis parker-visions of mine
18-kms-sad love song
19-sons of intellect-worldwide
20-rick de ville-73

"the underground orgasm" (2005) : DOWNLOAD

"the underground level" (2006) : DOWNLOAD

check btw "dope on both sides" new comp' 50/50 french-us with Mallandain : DOWNLOAD

mercredi 28 janvier 2009


Westcoast double LP compilation. 16 tracks with some really dope gems. I'm thinking of the Signifiers track, The Colony, Mykill Myers and many other... The hit is from Da Dozenz "in this to win this" ... The comp' is collector cause contains the first appearances of guys like Dilated Peoples, Defari, Phil The Agony, Tony Da Skitzo ... C'mon, yall can't sleep on this, so enjoy !


mardi 27 janvier 2009


Another ep that yall gotta have. Side B with "show me love" is my fav'. Enjoy

jeudi 22 janvier 2009


This is the first 12" released by the indie duo, Eddie Meeks and Thareeko. Meeks and Thareeko come outta Atlana and they started their own label, Asylum Entertainment, in '95. By 1997 they released this 12". On this 12" you will find the tracks, Larger Than Life on the A, and Gunclappin and Pistolwhippin on the flip. The cuts on this 12" are the original versions of each track and are not featured on the Larger Than Life EP . Meeks and Thareeko did their own productions for this record along with the whole 3P Productions crew. A year after this 12" was released Meeks and Thareeko dropped the Larger Than Life EP on Serious Ent. They released 2 other independent records in 2000 (Da Unfold EP and Art Varies From Head To Head VLS). Meeks and Thareeko also head the group, Prophetix. They released two 12"s on Asylum Ent, (True Urban Grit in 2001 and High Risk in 2003). The most recent Meeks and Thareeko material I'm familiar with is Eddie Meeks first solo LP, After This I'll Holla, released in 2005 on Asylum Ent. I don't really dig any of the work they did after their first EP but it does show that these guys are dedicated and are still out there doin' their thing. So check out the tracks on this 12" and leave your thoughts in da comments! Peace