samedi 5 mai 2007


Here is one of the 8 compilatons i made with Dj Ovadose (from Heavens Devils) one year ago.
Special undeground 1996 tracks.

Tracklist :

01-hyenas in the desert - can you feel it part 2 (worldwide)
02-the candy store - jewels heist
03-blind mice - how many
04-darkside mob - darkside for life
05-m slash - feel it
06-big o - handle your b.i.
07-ghetto chilldren - equilibrium
08-grand. the vistor - bring it live
09-mop top - forever verbal assault
10-lace da booms - aint no secret
11-mixed elements - northern exposure
12-punk barbarians - platinum chaotic mix
13-jam dot da original troopa - time wastelanz remix
14-2 face - nyc
15-house of pain - fed up
16-the mischievous lq and the mad mischief crew - representing
17-hdm - the professional
18-stikken moov - fatality

I hope you'll like it, enjoy peeps !

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

another dope upload! your blog is the best 12inch blog I know!. peace!!!

Brakkbacda a dit…

thanks a lot man !

Anonyme a dit…

big the fuck up..wax attack is the dopest blog spot period...thanks for the last 3 weeks worth of music