lundi 21 janvier 2008


First volume just made a few days ago.Check it if you like my comps.Hope you'll enjoy.
Here is the tracklist :

01-bredrens-keep it in ya area
02-flipsydes-kenyattas escape
04-mad fanatic ft.ragchyld-offical members
06-b.m.x-microphone microphone
07-persevere-my low in strains
08-crimedance cartel-money is key
09-brass tacks-game iz like
10-concrete mob-thug shit
11-finsta bundy ft.maze-keep me
12-icf-now or never
14-r.o.o.f.t.o.p.-rooftop live 99'
15-mc shan-mcs freeze
16-black i-no laws
17-chris styles ft.sixpack-piece of the pie
18-j.a.b-ghetto flows

A special big up to Mr.Cartoon & Dabrovska for the "s.o.p.", "brass tacks" and "flipsydes" tracks.pzzz

8 commentaires:

ILLustrious a dit…

man brakk, this is one of your illest mixes yet! word is bond

thank you. peace homie

Brakkbacda a dit…

Thanks ill !!!

Anonyme a dit…

Hello I am a french and i search Jimmy Jay "Les Cool Sessions 2" & Koalition "C'est Ainsi" can u up this plz (if you want i have lot of french albums).

Anonyme a dit…

Ah cimer pour la dédicasse :p

Gabi :

i have only Les Cool Session vol.1, sorry bro

Anonyme a dit…

DAT's wassup !! if u need some cover (for a next tape) hit me I'm ur man ...


Anonyme a dit…

Hey, nice selection of tracks..!!
But No mix...
Wax must be's sad with tracks like that..

Brakkbacda a dit…

True.i'm about to buy a second turntable soon so mixes will come up.
Thanks for support


Anonyme a dit…

could u re up the link?
I've dl the (furious)vol 2 and I neeeeeeed this shit