mardi 26 février 2008


I know i'm the first one who post it so i'd like to make like a Review of this ep; for the diggers who still hesitate to buy it after the nice listening of " terraw - fevah / check it out " released in 98'.

The review is simple :

"You don't live twice" : Totally wack.

"No compromise" : Near wack.

"Who and what" : Oh my god that refrain ! i wanted to broke the wax after listening to that fine mess.

"Beginning to the end" : Here is the bomb.A lonely dope joint in a jungle of commercial alike music.I bought the wax for it and will keep it for it.Hope you'll like that track...enjoy.

I will now note my records )))

note : 5 / 20

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ral278 a dit…

haha! also copped this 12" for cheap price together with other records and thought this is a good one...well, wrong! so I just sold that ish again (at least you have that nice sticker on it which was missing also on my copy)....
my rating for that wax would be: 3/20

Brakkbacda a dit…

That was a very bad surprise for me too, like often when you buy a record that you don't know the half.
That "beginning to the end" save the record but i guess this release was also the beginning to the end for terraw ))) when they try to make commercial music and it don't sell...ayayay !

bigsd a dit…

you god damn right brakk, the last track is da shit. thnx...
question, can you post
mudd "murda outcha speaka" ???
that would be great !

Brakkbacda a dit…

thanks big. I don't know that mudd at all, sorry.


Dabrovska a dit…

Si tu commences à mettre des notes tu les revendras à qui ses skeuds pourraves ?

Brakkbacda a dit…

de toute facon jle garde celui la

Anonyme a dit…

I found the mudd track, how can I contribute? Most of the site is in French