mercredi 3 juin 2009


Here is the first mix of a series which promises to be very interesting. Mattnyce -you may know this man from slsk- is a DJ from New Orleans livin' in Texas. Turntablist, mixer, he's also a great vinyl's digger. So check out this first strike, you will definitively like the mix of the rare joints circa from 91' to 97' punctuate by some dope cuts ... Enjoy !!!

Tracklist :

01 - dj mattnyce intro
02 - trendz of culture ft.method & treach - who got my back (remix)
03 - prince raheim - cop one (dj mattnyce remix)
04 - da nabahood threat - the unknown
05 - juice - unrational
06 - the hoodz - pull out your gats
07 - mad drauma - flip personality
08 - urban species - listen (kenny dope remix)
09 - trilogy - good times
10 - brothaz uv da blackmarket - collete da pet
11 - johnny p - bike back (hip hop remix)
12 - flava rap productions - you're falling
13 - threat - now you know
14 - spirit - ice (dj mattnyce remix)
15 - black sheep - the choice is yours (dj mattnyce remix)
16 - 3 man riot - product of the world gone mad
17 - example - the strive (dj mattnyce beats remix)
18 - da wrezarektaz - the $$$
19 - raw approach - wrong nek of da woodz
20 - budahedz - rapwacks
21 - misfits of madness - peace the hell out
22 - black a.g. - dont let fame go to your head
23 - raw material - teen scream
24 - funkmaster flex & nine double m - f.a.l.l.e.n.
25 - legion of doom - no more music
26 - renaissance of chaos - check out my vocals
27 - poetic menace - takin no shorts
28 - dj mattnyce outro


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13 commentaires:

BYL a dit…

wow this a dope one... mad drauma is sick. ive wanted to hear a full track from th ROC ep since ive seen it... thanks man

Anonyme a dit…

pretty nice playlist. some nice scratches too. but way too many shouts. and always the same. kinda destroys that mix for me. peace.

Anonyme a dit…

That Black A.G track is dope as fuck.
Was it ever released on vinyl?

Anonyme a dit…

shitty tape
learn your lessons kid

CognitO a dit…

Ill complication yo. Thx for the upload. One problem tho: you think you can upload it on anything but that rapidshare link, cuz it keeps tellin me I need a premium account O_o?

Anonyme a dit…

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Anonyme a dit…

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Anonyme a dit…

Awesome selection, but unlistenable due to hearing "DJ Nyce" echo 30 times per song

Jeena a dit…

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