dimanche 19 juillet 2009

DJ Venum - Diggin' In The Underground Vol 3 Selected by Black Stars & Mixed by Venum - 2009 [Mixtape]

Part 1 : Boom Bap

01 Ubad - The Lagacy
02 The Inviseez - Gotta Be Real
03 Raw Breed - Hit 'Em Wit a Pie
04 Kirk - Catch The Beat
05 Poizon Posse - This Is It Y'all
06 Now Born Click - Now Born Soldier
07 The Wascals - Hard Rhymes
08 The Grimm Reaper - So Watcha Want
09 Intelligent Hoodlum - At large
10 Flavor Unit Mc's - Roll With Da Flavor

Part 2 : Hip-Hop

01 Herb Mc Gruff - I Keep My Palm On The Handle
02 Shabazz the Disciple - Crime Saga (Original Version)
03 Street Poets - Out Ta Flip
04 E-Life - Stacked With Honors
05 Roller Rocker & Precize - Heat Wavez
06 Constantine - Shapshifter
07 Paw Dukes - Amazin
08 Call O' Da Wild - Clouds Of Smoke
09 Allah Be Universal - Indecent Exposure
10 Bomm Sheltuh - Welcome To The Bomm Bunkuh

Download Link : http://sharebee.com/a2a192fd

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